Jack Flannel

Jack Flannel is of unknown age and origin. He loves flannel and singing songs to his pet cat, Ole Fat Bellers. He first appeared in Bloomington in 1991 and, while seldom seen, has been known to "lay down the rock law" from time to time (mainly to provide would-be rockers with a frame of reference). Once hailed as the "Booze Guzzlin' Bard of B-town", Jack has recently learned to appreciate enhanced memory functionality concomitant with sobriety--much to the dismay of the world's vodka distillers.

Jack loves to play all the instruments on his recordings.

Here's a list of the complete Jack Flannel archives:

If you're interested in purchasing the above tapes, they cost $4.00 per tape. To arrange purchase, simply send me an email. Each tape contains approxiametely 60 minutes of music. All dupes will be recorded onto Maxell XLII cassettes.

Beyond the Jack Flannel crap, I have also been a member of a number of bands. Here is a list of bands in which I have participated in the past:

And take heart. I've been recording some new songs. Slowly, but surely, a new Jack Flannel production will be realized.

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