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If you would like to learn more about Reich, start with the short bio available on the Wilhelm Reich Museum website. Then move on to the primary materials. The Function of the Orgasm is an excellent starting point. From there try The Cancer Biopathy, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Ether, God, and Devil, and Cosmic Superimposition in that general order. Learning about Reich via secondary sources is, of course, important. But coming at him through the primary materials is crucial as many of the secondary sources--especially those available online--are clouded with misinformation and personal vindictiveness. I'm guessing that many are tempted to read Myron Sharaf's biography Fury on Earth first (as this is the most readily available biography), but you should avoid the temptation and read the primary materials. Let Reich tell his own story. If the material piques your interest, then explore what others say. Having a strong understanding of the primary material will help you better evaluate the veracity of the material presented in secondary sources. All of Reich's published work is available through the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore.

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